Hey! I'm Austin.

Hey! I'm Austin.

I'm Austin! She/her. Leo. Millenial. Mom. Semi-domesticated wife. Plant lady. Former customer-service veteran and food-industry survivor. Pet lover. Artist.
Originally from Denver, Colorado and current resident of a little village in northern New Mexico. 

OSG is my open book - a look into my past, present and future. Thank you for taking a moment to be here with me! These are the three pillars of what I believe and what I hope my work embodies:



Old State Goods was born from a deep desire to create and to find a meaningful place in the art community. Old State is a peaceful road in the depths of the Colorado Rocky Mountains where I found magic in the little things in life. The place where I was inspired to create with reckless abandon and fueled by a passion to continue making new ideas become reality.


Having been raised in a family of artists of all different mediums, creativity was not only encouraged but expected. I was fortunate to have had imagination and curiosity fostered at a young age, which paved the path to entrepreneurship as a young mother. Through sharing my work with others, inspiration comes back two-fold. 


Self expression is the most powerful tool one can possess. I believe that people are empowered by style and fashion. By embracing art in what clothes we wear, what accessories we carry, what jewelry we adorn ourselves in and how we present ourselves to the world we embolden others to be unabashedly themselves as well! 

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